Of all the questions we are asked here at The Bazel Group, Inc. – the single most popular by far is: “Will an Artist appear at our charity fundraiser for free?

Time and time again, we have people contacting us with amazing causes and charities. Their passion and drive are awe-inspiring, and believe us, here at The Bazel Group, Inc. – we understand fundraisers. 

How understanding, you might ask? While we donate funds to the Girl Scouts to buy their Thin Mint cookies (yum) – we go much deeper than that. Case in point – our VP of Operations, Gina Cheshire was named the “Big Sister of the Year” for both Nashville and the state of Tennessee by the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee. Our CEO Ed Bazel once organized “The Transcontinental Ride For Hope” and rode a bicycle from the end of the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA – to the end of the St. John’s Pier in St. Augustine, FL. That is eight states, 278 cities and towns, and over 3,000 miles on a bicycle – to raise money for The City of Hope.

Good News/Bad News

Through our years of experience on the front lines of the music industry, we have found that most Artists are wonderfully charitable and do indeed donate a portion of their time to their personal causes and charities. That’s the good news Now for the not-as-good news: Anything over and above this amount of donated time, and the Artist (or Artist’s business manager) has to consider the event as a regular paying engagement. Believe it or not, like all of us, they have bills to pay and sometimes many people on their payroll. We are not exaggerating when we say that Artists are asked to give their performances for free weekly.

There are still ways that you can make your fundraising event work. We have found that most professional fundraisers will go ahead and find corporate sponsorship and then secure the Artist at their normal appearance rate. 

This way, they can be 100% sure the Artist will perform and confidently sell tickets to raise funds for their event. Again, they ensure their sponsor’s financial commitment is in place before they lock in the Artist.  


skills. In addition to regular ticket prices, they also sell gold circle tickets (higher-priced, which include front row seats and a Meet & Greet with the Artist) to get the best return on their investment. We are sure there are plenty more ways to maximize the use of your entertainment, as there are some very sharp and efficient fundraisers out there. 

We want you to know that while your event is significant to us – and want to make sure your event is a money maker and not a financial loss.

Our team of professionals at The Bazel Group, Inc. stands ready to consult and deliver celebrity talent for corporate events, conventions, conferences, sales meetings, new product promotions, holiday parties, concerts, and more.

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