Of all the questions we are asked here at The Bazel Group, Inc. – is “Will an Artist hold a date for us while our committee decides?”

The “hold” question is a great question, and open for discussion. We understand why you are asking it. Your event is important, and you are probably working with a committee and a chain of command for approval. You don’t want to be pushed. We get it, and we don’t like being pushed either.

So will a celebrity Concert Artist, Comedian, or Speaker “hold” a date for you until you and your team can decide and get approval? More times than not, the reality is NO. Oh sure, there are some exceptions, but the rule of thumb is NO. In the concert business, it’s the law of the jungle – there are NO holds – not even for us! Artists, their agents, and their managers will keep actively looking for dates, and keep looking until an agreement is signed and a deposit lodged. That’s their job – the agents and managers are on a mission to fill the Artists calendar.
Over the years of being in this business and working with corporations and private parties – we have excellent professional relationships with the Artists, agents, and managers. However, we have to take a Zen approach and offer the same advice to you. If the favorite Artist on your wish list is meant to be, it will be. And if not, we will have other alternatives that will work also. Deep breaths, deep breaths. Either way, we will professionally walk you through the steps of:  
  1. Formal Offer & Binder
  2. Formal Acceptance  
  3. Contracts
  4. Deposits & Balances
Check out our quick video on this topic here
If you are planning a special event and are seeking serious professional entertainment coordination – our team of professionals at The Bazel Group, Inc. stand ready to consult and deliver celebrity talent for corporate events, conventions, conferences, sales meetings, new product promotions, holiday parties, concerts and more.