Current Internship Opening:

Graphic Arts/Technical - we currently have an opening for a highly motivated student who is proficient in graphics, web design as well as technical issues involving computers. 


Business Intern: Currently reviewing fall 2013 applications now!

We believe in the promise of bright minds and look for a few select Interns who are highly motivated, self-starters - looking to make a contribution to our company.   In return, we will provide you with a front row seat and hands-on experience in the live performance industry.  Our company coordinates a wide variety of celebrity concerts, comedians, speakers and personal appearances for the stages around the world.  

Our Internship program involves four phases:


*  Filing and accurate maintenance of new and established Artist promotional materials for our sales staff

*  DVD dubbing - producing crisply dubbed promotional products and mailing them in a timely manner

*  Promotional pieces - create marketing materials for our web sites

*  A&R - review all incoming promotional materials and coordinating your findings with staff and artists


*  Receive incoming booking inquiries on the phone and respond to them in a professional manner

*  Receive and respond to incoming booking inquires from our web site and respond to them in a professional manner

*  Check for Artist availability

*  Create solutions and present them to potential clients.

*  Follow up and ask for the sale

*  You will be responsible for making a minimum of two bookings per your time with us.


*  Create contracts to cover your date with client

*  Create contracts to cover your date with the Artist

*  Track contracts to insure that we have fully executed copies in a timely manner

*  Coordinate and track deposits and payments to all parties.


*  Coordinate bids for sound systems, lights and backline from production vendors for concert dates

*  Coordinate logistics of flights, ground transportation, hotel, catering and hospitality

*  On site supervision of a concert event.

The Benefits Of Your Internship:

*  You will experience serious hands-on experience in the live entertainment business

*  Through our company, you will be given exposure to the leaders of our industry.

*  The commission percentage from your booking, as well as those of our other interns, will go into a fund and will be divided equally among the Intern team at the end of the semester.

*  You will travel and be responsible for producing at least one live event.

Qualifications Needed:

*  You must be able to move quickly - we operate on "internet time" which is for customers who want instant answers

*  You must be able to work in a fast paced environment

*  You must have a cool head and be able to think on your feet

*  Your positive attitude is a must

*  Honesty is the key to our business

*  You have an attitude of jumping in and thinking pro-actively.   If you see something that needs fixing - we welcome your contribution.

*  Due to the sensitive nature of our business - you will be required to sign a non-disclosure confidentiality clause

*  You will have a required reading assignment.

*  You will be required to listen to a series of audio programs on sales and negotiating.

*  You will be required to attend various industry meetings, when appropriate.

At The Bazel Group, Inc. we are proud to think "out of the box".   We look for like minded, proactive individuals who can contribute and learn as we grow. We are a service based industry providing the beauty of the arts for clients around the world.

We can only select a limited number of interns each semester.   If you feel you are interested, please forward a copy of your resume, three references (yes, we check them) and your compelling reason why you want to work with our team.   Please send to:

We love interns, value their contribution, and are proud to say many who have passed through our halls have gone on to great success in our industry.  Thank you!