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Get Started

Get Started

Before the stage curtain opens, we need to start at the basics of what you need and how we can create this experience for you. The more information you can fill out, the more organized you will be, and the more helpful we can be.

Since music starts with thatfirst beat, so does our process of TBG to help you with your upcoming event.

Beat 1

Beat 2

Why important?

Why important?

Why important?

Why important?

Why important? 

What's the difference?

(We can make suggestions)

What's the difference?

Beat 3

Great! Your information has been submitted. A representative from The Bazel Group, Inc. will soon contact you to suggest and coordinate possible shows that will make your event a three-encore success.

Beat 4

OK, you’ve decided on the perfect artist or band that is the perfect fit for you event. To reserve the date, a formal offer and deposit is made so the artist or band can confirm your event date. A formal offer is important, since many of our artists are busy with touring, recording schedules and TV appearances. The motto here is get ’em before they’re gone.

Beat 5

Acceptance Once the offer has been placed, the Artist and/or Artists Management will either accept or decline your offer. If they do accept, we will confirm this with you in writing. This will constitute a legal agreement between you and the artist.

Beat 6

After the formal offer has been placed, accepted, and a written confirmation issued, it’s time for the agreement and initial deposit to be paid to finalize the artist’s commitment to you.

Beat 7

All events need promoted. After the artist deposit has been secured, we will provide you with a free 12-week event promotion planner; the same planner used by major events around the world.

Beat 8

The final amount due for your event varies and will depend on its exact nature and location.

Beat 9

Now it’s the day of the show. Representatives of The Bazel Group will handle all of the complicated logistics that are a part of producing a celebrity concert or personal appearance. Most of our clients prefer to leave the details to us. Your job is to simply enjoy the evening with your guests.

Beat 10

A week after the show we’ll follow up with you to make sure you were happy with your event and to start planning for next year.

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