Our Story- we want you to know us and what we stand for:


Our company was founded in 1997 in an unfinished basement on an old kitchen table, with one phone, a laptop, and a burning passion for music.  We have grown from one event to a hundred, to over a thousand, and our bookings have now spanned the globe. Our success today is because of good people like you, and the dedication and hard work of our superstar team members, both present and past.   And oh yes, that unfinished basement?  We have out grown that now...but we still have that kitchen table in use!

Built with a passion for the arts, The Bazel Group, Inc. has become a trusted resource in the arts and entertainment world.

How passionate for the arts are we?  Passion might just be an  understatement.  Our staff members have actually been known to get teary  eyed at the first notes of a sound check, we get goose bumps when a  comedian is on fire with their crowd, and we stand in reverent awe at  the powerful messages speakers deliver to their audiences.  As the great  Stevie Wonder once said we are “signed, sealed, delivered” to the world  of performing arts. 

  • Founded in 1997, The Bazel Group,  Inc. features some of the very best and most dedicated entertainment  professionals in the industry.
  • With over 100 years of combined event experience, our staff members are knowledgeable ...and rock!
  • The Bazel Group, Inc. is headquartered in Nashville TN – Music City USA.
  • Affiliations:  We feel it is important to stay on the front lines of  industry trends. Our team are proud members and officers of The  International Entertainment Buyers Association, The Recording Academy, The Association of  Performing Arts Presenters, The International Association of Speakers  Bureaus, The Nashville Association of Talent Directors, The Academy of  Country Music, The Country Music Association, The International  Bluegrass Music Association and more..

We were programmed in our infancy by the Sinatra records swinging out  from our parent’s hi-fi's.  In our youth we were members of the untold  army of garage bands performing in neighborhoods across the country.  In  our college years, we were first in line to buy concert tickets, visit  the comedy club, or attend a lecture series.

We didn’t get into the arts for the sake of money, far from it.  If the  truth were known, we were summoned into it.  Actually, it was more of a  calling from deep within.  This calling demanded to be answered and here  we are today, smack dab in the middle of the arts – concerts, comedians  and speakers.  From the back of hotel ballrooms, to the sides of stages  across the country, you will find us there, clipboards in hand and a  sparkle in our eyes – thankful for the pleasure of being a part of such a  beautiful industry as the performing arts.

Oh sure, our parents wanted us to get a ‘real job’ in the traditional  business world, but we simply couldn’t.  We don’t know how to build  airplanes, we can’t engineer tall buildings, and we are clueless about  farm equipment.  As noble professions as they are, they are simply not  our specialty.  The Bazel Group, Inc. is passionate about, the deep down  drop-to-your-knees-and-thank-the-heavens passionate about the  performing arts.

We look forward to serving you with concerts, comedians and speakers  for your next event.  We will be there - look for us backstage with the  clipboard in hand, and a sparkle in our eyes!